White label manufacturing of essential oils

Are you looking for a white-label supplier of essential oils and vegetable oils to launch your cosmetics business or expand your catalog? The Helpac laboratory offers a wide range of organic natural products for professionals: essential oils, vegetable oils, as well as organic bud macerates. Rely on a laboratory specialized in cosmetic care, aromatherapy and gemmotherapy to manufacture your own range of products! 

Quality white-label essential oils

The Helpac laboratory has been producing and marketing organic essential oils for nearly 30 years. Building on this expertise, we offer professionals high-quality essential oils on a white-label basis to develop their own care and cosmetics ranges. Thanks to a drastic selection of producers of organic plant raw materials in France and abroad, we only work with carefully sourced ingredients, chosen for the richness of their properties. Our essential oils are distilled at our distillation sites in France, using a slow, low-pressure method that gently extracts all the active ingredients, resulting in an essential oil of great aromatic and biochemical richness, perfect for use in natural cosmetics. 

Choose an expert supplier in France to manufacture your white-label essential oils: our oils meet both the HECT and HEBBD labels, so they are chemotyped, botanically and biochemically defined (HEBBD). They are also organically grown, pesticide-free and 100% pure, with no added chemicals or solvents. Our oils are also subjected to numerous analyses to regularly check their biochemical composition by chromatography, as well as to verify the absence of pesticides. With our quality white-label products, you can develop your own range of natural skincare and cosmetics with complete confidence! 

White-label plant oils and bud macerates

To complete its range of natural cosmetics for professionals, the Helpac laboratory also offers organic plant oils and organic bud macerates under white label. As with essential oils, plant raw materials are carefully selected from certified organic farmers. The buds used in gemmotherapy are carefully harvested by hand when fully ripe, to guarantee the incomparable quality of the final product. 

For the launch or development of your range of natural cosmetics, demand the best and choose organic vegetable oils, oily macerates and bud macerates from the catalog of products offered by your white-label supplier Helpac. Choosing quality vegetable oils means you can offer your customers effective cosmetics, rich in beneficial properties for health and beauty. Argan oil, avocado oil or jojoba oil, choose from our wide range made in France. 

With its wealth of expertise in gemmotherapy, the Helpac laboratory can also enrich your cosmetics offering with white-label organic bud macerates. This is a highly sought-after product in phytotherapy, for naturopaths and individuals initiated to the power of buds and young shoots. These buds are macerated at the Helpac laboratory in France in an organic water-alcohol-glycerine mixture to extract the active ingredients contained in the embryonic tissues. The resulting mother macerates, used as dietary supplements, are renowned for rebalancing the body and relieving joint pain and circulation problems, as well as improving sleep quality and reducing stress. As a white-label supplier of natural products, Laboratoire Helpac guarantees the superior quality of its products, as well as complete transparency in its production methods. 

Tailor-made services for professionals

Backed by 30 years’ experience and the confidence already shown by numerous professionals in the cosmetics, aromatherapy, perfumery and natural skincare sectors, Helpac wholesale guarantees you top-of-the-range white-label services. We put our laboratory, top-quality ingredients and distillation facilities at the service of your projects to supply you with natural contract products: essential oils, vegetable oils and white-label bud macerates. We can also adapt the type and volume of packaging to your needs. 

To help you produce or update your regulatory files, the Helpac laboratory provides you with all the quality documents relating to white-label products: Ecocert certificate, product data sheets, bacteriological analyses, chromatographic analysis indicating the composition of essential oils… 

A pioneer in aromatherapy and natural skincare in France, Helpac is delighted to be at your side tomorrow, bringing the natural power of plants to as many people as possible, while respecting the environment. 

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