Located in the heart of Auvergne since 1988, Helpac Laboratory benefits from an unspoilt natural environment and a wealth of botanical resources.

Recognised as one of the pioneers of organic essential oils – our founder was the first to distill Douglas fir – we are one of the few remaining independent players to control the entire production chain, from plant cultivation to bottling, using a wide range of high-quality raw materials.

Our line of work, respecting the benefis of plants

Our mastery of processing – distillation, oily and hydroalcoholic maceration – carried out by experts, enables us to extract the very best from plants, to get their quintessence. We preserve what nature has most precious to entrust.

La nature, notre plus fidèle fournisseur.

Nature, our most loyal supplier

For many years now, we have been building long-term partnerships with pickers and farmers, many of them local, but also from all over the world. This hand-in-hand approach means we can guarantee the origin of our ingredients and control our supplies over the long term.


Teams and tools to serve our customers

The diversity of our customers drives us to reinvent ourselves every day. With a presence in both domestic and export markets, we work with a wide range of sectors, including aromatherapy, food, cosmetics, perfumery, detergents, etc.

We understand our customers’ needs and know how to adapt to them, whether in terms of quantity, with low minimum orders; in terms of speed of delivery; or in terms of product customisation: made-to-measure ingredients, synergies of materials formulated for you, white label.

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