Respect is our nature.

We take a global approach to the world of plants. We are on the ground from the field to the bottle, and our respect for living things goes far beyond that. At Helpac Laboratory, we attach particular importance to the quality of the active ingredients that Nature has to offer, and without respect for biodiversity and people, this is impossible.

Natural and certified organic ingredients

All the products we offer are 100% pure and natural, many are certified organic. We favour short supply chains or reasoned and ethical choices, suppliers who respect the biotope of their growing area and the quality of life of the people they work with.

We work to protect biodiversity by meticulously choosing the ingredients in our catalogue.

For over 30 years, people and their work have been at the heart of our approach

We have a deep respect for people : we make a long-term commitment to our partnerships and make sure we listen to the producers with whom we sign contracts for several years, so that everyone can make a long lasting commitment, wherever they are in the world. We form a team that is constantly looking for the best solutions, whether in terms of social involvement, growing techniques, choice of seeds, harvest periods, etc.

We strive to ensure that everyone’s work is sustained and recognized with a spirit of social equality, to ensure healthy production practices.

Exigence / Expert

Requirement / Expert

Helpac laboratory has always been committed to offering raw materials of irreproachable quality with strict traceability from the outset and favoring short circuits thanks to direct partnerships with producers.

Each incoming batch of raw materials is rigorously analyzed according to control ranges defined by our quality experts: organoleptic analyses, pesticides, bacteriological, GC, GC-MS, heavy metals, physico-chemical indices.

Our knowledge and know-how in the transformation of raw materials, reinforced by more than 30 years of experience, allows us to offer natural ingredients with preserved active ingredients.

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