Vegetable oil production

Vegetable oils are highly sought-after products for their beneficial natural properties. Used raw, in cosmetics or skincare products for their emollient virtues on the skin, or in cooking for their rich taste, vegetable oils are extracted from almonds, seeds, nuts or pips, and represent a resource of great diversity. Helpac, with its experience and know-how in the production and sale of natural and organic products to professionals, offers over 30 vegetable oils, not including oily macerates. 100% pure, organic and natural, our hazelnut, castor, jojoba and prickly pear oils are ready for sale or for inclusion in your own product formulations. 

Vegetable oils: choosing raw materials

Helpac has set itself the goal of making the natural benefits of plants accessible. To help you make the most of the power of plants, the company aims to offer superior quality products for sale. To achieve this, it relies on comprehensive control of the various stages of production, from the selection of raw materials to packaging. 

Helpac has carefully selected its trusted partners to grow the plants from which its vegetable oils are derived. As with its essential oils and other products in its catalog, the company has chosen certified organic farmers, locally, in France or abroad, to guarantee the origin and quality of the plants and oilseeds used. In keeping with Helpac’s values, these organic growers and harvesters also guarantee the sustainability of the harvesting sites and the preservation of nature and biodiversity. High-quality raw materials are the first step towards effective natural products rich in properties!  

First cold-pressed vegetable oils 

Helpac’s flagship Saint Hilaire distillery is responsible for extracting vegetable oils from harvested organic plants and oilseeds. While some producers use solvents, Helpac vegetable oils are obtained exclusively by first cold pressing of organic seeds and pips. This means that they are pressed only once, by a simple mechanical process, and do not undergo any chemical treatment. Our vegetable oils are therefore not only organic, but also raw and extra-virgin. This extraction method yields top-quality vegetable oils, rich in complex aromas and natural active ingredients beneficial to body, skin and hair

In addition to vegetable oils, the Saint Hilaire distillery is also a producer of oily macerates. Obtained by macerating organic plants, flowers or roots in organic sunflower oil, these oily macerates are equally rich in cosmetic and therapeutic properties. Once the plants have been macerated, they are simply filtered and packaged to preserve the benefits they contain without altering them. 

As a producer of vegetable oils, the Helpac laboratory is committed to constantly improving its products, both in terms of quality and through strong commitments to social responsibility and respect for the environment. 

Vegetable oils, properties and use

Vegetable oils can be used pure, directly on the skin. They are a natural cosmetic in their own right, and are rich in benefits, particularly for skin and hair. Their moisturizing, softening and healing properties make them the perfect allies for dry, tight skin and dull, damaged hair. Vegetable oils can also be used to dilute and/or apply essential oils. Rich in fatty acids, they penetrate the epidermis well, are easy to massage and facilitate the action of the active ingredients. Chosen for their complementary properties, they act in synergy with essential oils and even reinforce their benefits. 

Helpac offers a wide range of “extra virgin” organic vegetable oils. Used alone, in combination or with essential oils, they offer a wide range of benefits: sweet almond oil and avocado oil nourish the skin, argan oil and rose hip oil are natural cosmetics widely used for anti-aging, castor oil promotes hair regrowth and hazelnut oil reduces blackheads. Other less common plant oils are also worth knowing: borage or black cumin oil to moisturize dry skin, baobab oil to care for curly hair, hemp or evening primrose oil to restore skin elasticity… The world of plant oils is vast, and their contribution to natural cosmetics immense! 

Other Helpac oily macerates include carrot macerate, which prepares skin for the sun, St. John’s wort macerate, which soothes overheated skin, and daisy macerate, which deeply moisturizes dry skin. 

In addition to their skincare and beauty uses, some vegetable oils are also coveted as dietary supplements. In particular, they provide coveted fatty acids. Such is the case with grapeseed oil, rich in Omega 6, hazelnut oil, which contains Omega 9, and walnut oil, a source of Omega 3… In addition to their health benefits, vegetable oils are often used in cooking, from the most common (olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil…) to the most original: hazelnut oil, coconut oil, linseed oil and grapeseed oil. 

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