Floral waters
Produced in our laboratory


Abies alba

ORGANICProduct from organic farming certified by Ecocert France SAS FR-BIO-01


Procédé d'obtention
Steam distillation
of branches and needles

Quantité minimale
32 kg


Floral water Organic tree (France)

White fir – or pectinia – floral water has the scent of a Christmas tree, thanks to its monoterpenes: fresh, woody and slightly resinous, it is mainly used as a respiratory tonic and to purify ambient air – in aromatic baths, room sprays, inhalations, mist diffusers and more. It is sometimes used in cosmetics to help correct pigmentation defects. Internally, it helps strengthen the immune system and can be used to flavor toddies, honey or winter herbal teas, as well as syrups, gums or candies. It adds an original note to game, salads or ice creams.

Appearance :clear liquid
Color : colourless
Odor : woody, slightly resinous

Cosmetic, Food

Non preserved

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